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Books and Videos About Knifemaking

Here is a list of some books and videos that will help you learn to make knives or perhaps improve the techniques you already use. Even if you only collect knives these books will give you a greater understanding and appreciation of what you are buying.

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Knife Making for Noobs - Basic Forge Building
This is my own video for basic forge building. This video runs 95 minutes and will show you how to build a real forge body (not just a couple of bricks) and how to build both venturi and forced air burners. You will see how to build a real forge in less than two hours using hardware store parts or how to scrounge and make your own parts including a homemade blower and a gate valve! Simple and cheap is the theme and I demonstrate that all these things actually work by running the forge and burners that I built. This is a DVD with menus and will play on your PC or on your TV. If you would like a copy Paypal $12 to knives@rayrogers.com If you don't have a Paypal account just send an email to that same address and we'll go from there ...

Wayne Goddard's $50 Knife Shop
Outfitting a knifemaking shop doesn’t have to cost a fortune and Wayne Goddard shows hobbyists how to do it on a budget. This new book expands on information from Goddard’s popular column in Blade magazine to show knifemakers of all skill levels how to create helpful gadgets and supply their shop on a shoestring.

How To Make Knives
A great book for the beginner or the expert. Watch as Bob Loveless makes a hunting knife step by step, first with the usual power tools and then using only hand tools. As a bonus, this book contains a chapter by Bill Moran (the father of modern damascus steel) showing how he forges his blades. A hard to get book but worth the effort!

How To Make Folding Knives
A step by step "how to" book by Wayne Clay, Frank Centofante, and Ron Lake. Watch as each man shows his particular methods of building a lock back folder. Includes patterns for all the necessary parts and a very good glossary of knife terms.

How To Make Multi-Blade Folding Knives
Not for the faint of heart, this book by Eugene Shadley may be the best text ever written on the subject of building multi-bladed gentlemen's folders. Only a handful of people in this country can build this type of knife with the precise fit and finish that he puts into his diminuative folders but anyone can learn something useful from this book.

The Complete Book of Pocketknife Repair
A cutler's manual by Ben Kelley, Jr. This book focuses on the repair of friction (slip joint) style pocket knives. However, if you know how to repair them, then you also know how to build them. The book contains detailed diagrams and patterns for several friction folders and also for a couple of lock back designs. Well worth the low price.

How to Scrimshaw and Carve Ivory
By Blackie Collins and Michael Collins. A step by step guide to scrimshaw with several projects to do and over 100 photographs.

Knife Throwing
Sport..Survival..Defense by Blackie Collins. I get an occasional inquiry about throwing knives so I included this small paperback in this list. Besides, I enjoyed reading it. There is information here on selecting a throwing knife, different methods of throwing the knife, and target construction.

The Wonder of Knifemaking
By Wayne Goddard, in question and answer format from his highly regarded column in Blade magazine. Tips for knifemakers of all skill levels. If you have questions somebody else probably has already asked the same question in Mr. Goddard's column. Get the answers here.

Ray's Review:
If there is anyone who should be sitting on a mountain top somewhere dispensing practical advice on knife making to eager acolytes it's Wayne Goddard. There is more to this book than simply a reprint of his many useful and well written articles. There is an insight into the personality of the man through his plain talk descriptions of information and processes it has taken him 30 years to learn and now gives away for practically nothing. Stock removal, forging, testing, and all the tools required to do these things are all included. But not just that. There is an amazing wealth of information on how to accomplish all these things on a truly shoestring budget! Sure, we'd all like to have the latest, most high tech equipment but you don't have to have it to make knives and Mr. Goddard shows you how. Goddard is the Guru!

The Tactical Folding Knife : A Study of the Anatomy and Construction of the Liner-Locked Folder
Knifemaker Bob Terzuola has been called the father of the tactical folding knife. This book details everything from the basic definition of a tactical folder to the final polishing as the knife is finished. There is also a chapter on timesaving tips all knifemakers can use.

Ray's Review:
This is the only book I've seen that has more step by step information on building a folder than my website does. His techniques differ from mine (of course - he knows what he's doing!) but some are things that I figured out for myself so I guess I'm on the right track. I definitely picked up some useful tips here. Bob T. leans heavily on the use of jigs and provides sufficient detail for you to build the same jigs if you want to. All the difficult questions are covered - folder design, how to cut the locking bar from the liner, how to mate the lock to the back of the blade - often with more than one solution. If you want to build folders this book is a 'must read'!

Gas Burners for Forges, Furnaces, and Kilns
A highly regarded book on atmospheric burner design. No blower, no electricity needed to run one of these burners. Covers many sizes and designs of burners.

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